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Sam Fisher to Join Rainbow Six: Siege as Zero

Sam Fisher is back, again, but not the way we all want. Ubisoft has teased the new operator for operation Shadow Legacy in Rainbow 6: Siege. Sam Fisher, or Zero as he is referred to in the short video will be joining the team as the first Rainbow Operational Staff member.

A letter on the Ubisoft website that is penned by Finka gives us a bit of background to how Sam has joined Rainbow Six: Siege and how he fits into the Lore. Sam worked with Finka's Father and will be taking on a teaching role, but that isn't stopping him from mixing it with his students on the training simulation.

As for what role Sam will play in Rainbow Six: Siege, it is currently unclear along with what gadget he might bring into the mix. The biggest hint we have so far is a post on the Ubisoft Facebook page announcing the trailer starting with three precise words "Prepare. Execute. Vanish." leading to the possibility of Sam being able to vanish when he needs to do so.

Sam has jumped Tom Clancy Franshices before with multiple missions Ghost recon Breakpoint and Ghost Recon Wildlands. There is also a Splinter Cell anime in the works for Netflix, which shows Ubisoft is still keen to use the property. With no new Splinter Cell game since Splinter Cell: Blacklist was released back on the 20th of August, 2013, fans of the franchise might feel like they have waited long enough for a full new game and this might not be enough.

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