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Locked on iRacing ep 1 - Fragile cars and interesting lines

This week Brayden and Wilko discuss everything that they have come across in the world of iRacing and watched real-world racing in the last week. We discuss the round 1 results of Ozicar's round 1 of season 6 and ANZCAR and V8 SCOPS results.

They also look at the official skip barber races they have been racing this week and how staying on the track is the number one way to finish higher up the order.

The team take a deep dive into the equipment Brayden uses in his rig and how each piece was obtained and helped him along in his journey.

Finally, they get to answer your questions and cover such topics as what you wished you knew from the start, the iRacing penalty system and how leagues have changed our experience with iRacing.

If you want to join the discussion, why not jump into our discord and have a chat with the team and check out all the Locked on Lads have to offer right here ->

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