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Locked on iRacing ep 3 - Ira Fehlberg from Ozicar interview

As Easter has come and gone, we have plenty of racing to talk about, but this episode is special as we have our very first guest joining us for the whole episode. This week we are joined by the man behind Ozicar, Ira Fehlberg. We discuss everything from fishing, running a league, racing against Garth Tander, growing vegetables and endurance racing.

Ira has had an exciting life that has always centred around racing in some shape or form. Hence, it is great to hear the world from his perspective and the joys and stresses of running a league in this current iRacing environment.

We also talk about all the latest Ozicar Tin Top cup, Skip Barber, ANZCAR trucks results, and look at an interesting series on the horizon from the in2sim esports network. Finally, we chat about the fixes to the new damage model and what that means for driving open-wheelers in iRacing now.

Thanks, everyone, for your amazing support that has helped the podcast grow so quickly.

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