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Help us raise money and awareness for these great causes

Locked on Lads have been raising awareness and money for charities for a while now but currently we are just focusing on the main two charities. We are focusing on Mental Health and Cancer from now on through the charities of LIVIN and Cure cancer. If you can spare some money please follow the links below to help out these great causes. Look out below for the special events we will be running to help these charities in the future. 

Next charity event

Bathurst 12 Hour
February 11th

Keep an eye out as the team splits into three cars and tackles the mountain. We are aiming as a group to do over 900 laps of the Mountain on Saturday the 11th of February. Watch along on Youtube and Donate to the effort as we raise money for both Cure Cancer and LIVIN.
Team #707 includes
  • Brayden Martin
  • Tim Caunt
  • Tim Harris
  • Nathan Verney
Team #262 includes
  • Peter Wilkinson
  • Callum Heinrich
  • Dylan Budzeienny
  • John McKenary
Team #TBA includes
  • Ashley Knowles
  • Matthew Myts
  • Vic Bentvelzen
  • Jeremy Busch
Wilko's team will be sporting the special number for this race in honour of his father who has recently passed away from cancer. Wilko's team will be running the #262 to celebrate his fathers birthdate. The A-Team will be driving car #707 which is the Locked on Lads (LOL) upside down. The final team is yet to submit number but watch out here for more details soon.
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