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Locked on Lads: The Man Cave Episode 6

Locked on Lads: The Mancave - Just another Valheim episode

Another Sunday and another episode of The Man Cave has dropped for you to listen to. This week the team is still stuck on the Valheim discussion as Butters discusses his plans for the final days of his server for streaming from while Wilko and McDad discuss their adventures with the second boss, The Elder, and the base Wilko has been spending way too much time on.

The team then discusses not much cooking efforts but seem to go on forever about it anyway while fitting in some Falcon and The Winter Soldier spoiler-free impressions and some final thoughts on Wondavision.

Finally, the team answers the age-old question of Soft or hard Tacos? How can you turn down such exciting topics. Give the episode a listen below, or find the podcast on your favourite app of choice. Don't forget to subscribe to the feed and drop us a rating or review to help the podcast make it reach even more ears.


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