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So what is Elo Hell?

I have been receiving press releases for over three years now and one game that i consistently keep seeing come through my emails is a little game called Elo Hell. I think at one stage i might have even had a beta code but didn't get time to play it. Well it happened again. his is because the game has just left early access on steam and you can grab the season pass right now (which has 10 episodes) for just AU$42.95.

Elo Hell is a little indie title that I have been meaning to jump on for a while from Exacto Game Studios. It is described as part visual novel, part mini game madness and part strategy game. As the player you dive into the world of esports and follow the journey as you try to play Mario party style mini games to progress the story. Added to that is the fact your esports game of choice is a Starcraft inspired game that is part of the game play loop as well.

Exacto Games Studio thinks if your a fan of Starcraft, Life is Strange or Mario Party you will definitely get something out of Elo Hell. Find it on Steam right now and as the press release points out, if you don't like it, there is always a refund button.

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