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The Forbidden Arts Launches on Switch, Xbox One and Steam

The Forbidden Arts has left early access on steam on the 7th of August and to coincide with this Stingbot Games is happy to announce that Nintendo Switch and Xbox One users can play this neat little action adventure right now as well. If you are looking for The Forbidden Arts on Playstation 4 then you just need to wait a few more months as it is expected to release in Quarter 4 this year.

The Forbidden Arts is an action adventure game set in a fantasy world that is full of colour and deadly threats for the player to discover as they explore a beautiful 3D over world. Players then will test their fighting and platforming skills as they move through 2D, side scrolling dungeons in an attempt to discover the secrets of this stunning world.

If The Forbidden Arts sounds like it might be of interest to you then check out the website for more details and watch the launch trailer below.

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