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Whats in the box? March 15th, 2021

This is my very first attempt at this but let's see how it goes. I will look through the Locked on Lads email and see what there is in there each week and pass it all on to you through here. If there is a big thing in the email that I am really excited about, I will put it in its own post. So, for now, let's have a look at what games marketing agencies are trying to get me to talk about.

Cartel Tycoon

I have seen Cartel Tycoon come across my email a few times now, and it went on my steam wishlist the first time I saw it. I love my tycoon games, and who really doesn't want to run a cartel. Cartel Tycoon has appeared in my email box yet again because the game is finally coming to Steam early access on the 18th of March, which is this week.

In Cartel Tycoon, you will need to deal with the DEA, local police and rival gangs to make your drug empire rise to the top in this story-driven tycoon game. Well, that is what I got from the marketing speak in the email. If this sounds like a game you might be interested in, check out the trailer and then, if you are still keen, head over to the Steam page and wishlist Cartel Tycon.

Hopefully, next week I might have some impressions of the game up for you if you are still sitting on the fence.


Where do I start with Everhood? Everhood is a rhythm-based, adventure, go-karting, exploration-based RPG. I think that covers all the genres they wanted to throw at this PC and Switch game. This is definitely not a game for me, but it is a game for someone with its scattergun approach to gameplay styles. You can find Everhood on the Steam page right now and head over to their YouTube page to watch this trailer and see if you can make sense of what is going on.

Ancestors Legacy: Free Peasant Edition

Ancestors Legacy is a game I have never heard of till this email dropped into my box. I love a good RTS game, and from all the reviews and trailers I watched on Ancestors Legacy, the game looks great. I almost bought it on the spot. However, I realised I don't have time for a game like this right now. Ancestors Legacy originally released in 2018, but publisher and developer, Destructive Creations, wants me to know that there is a free to play version of the game that people can jump in and enjoy some RTS multiplayer fun with.

This edition is called Ancestors Legacy: Free Peasant edition and includes all 17 multiplayer maps and four of the single-player missions so you can get a taste of the game and see if you want to jump in. The Free Peasant Edition seems like a great spot to start, and you should check out the trailer now if you are an RTS fan and if you want to dive in, then head to the Steam page and give it a download.

1976 Back to Midway

I don't get many emails about VR games, so when I do, I get pretty interested. If you enjoyed 1943 and wanted to relive the old bullet-hell arcade flight games, then this release is for you, with a twist. In the trailer, you can see how they mix the arcade gameplay into VR really well. Top-down flights look great with a third dimension thrown in, but then there is the third person and first-person flight aspects to the game to add more immersion. You will receive even more control over your dogfights as you jump in the cockpit to help win the battle for Midway.

1976 Back to Midway will be on Steam, the Oculus store, Viveport, and coming to PSVR soon. The more interesting part of the email is that Ivanovich Games will be porting more classics to VR like Pangman, Beat Blaster, Touring Karts, Operation Warcade, final soccer and Sea of memories.

Read Only Memories: Neurodiver

I have not played Read only Memories but have always been told it is an amazing game, and selling more than half a million copies of the game is no small feat. This email's news was that Neurodiver would be coming to Playstation 5, Switch and Epic Games stores alongside the already announced versions of the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Steam in Q1 of 2022. The other news is the demo of Neurodiver is available right now on the Steam and Epic Games stores to let the eager fans jump back into the world. If you are still unsure, then as always, go and check out the new trailer and make your own mind up.

Fire Tonight

Fire tonight tells the story of Maya and Devin as they try to survive the inferno that is gripping the city. Maya needs to dodge flames as she makes her way through the city on fire while you are in charge of keeping Devin calm as he waits for Maya's safe return. I know nothing of this game, but it has a cute art-style and sounds like an intriguing idea for a game, and it is getting rave reviews from its appearance in the MIX Game Dev Direct. The trailer they dropped of Fire Tonight in the Mix Game Dev Direct looks great, so make sure you watch it and if it seems interesting, go wishlist it on the Steam store page. Fire Tonight will also be burning it up on Switch when the game releases later this year.

Klang 2

Two rhythm-based games in a week, what nonsense is this. Klang 2 appeared at the previously mentioned Mix Game Dev Direct to announce the next-gen versions of the game that will be releasing in Q3 of 2021. Klang 2 was already coming to Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam. The fast-paced and upbeat rhythm game looks amazing and will give you a great fix if you need to kill enemies to music and relax and feel the beat. Not my type of game once again, but if Klang 2 sounds interesting to you, they have the trailer from the Miv Game Dev Direct for you to watch, and you can wishlist the game on Steam and download a sneaky demo.

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