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Project Witchstone Set to release Quarter 2, 2020

Project Witchstone has now added PS4 and Xbox one to the list of platforms it will be launching on in the second Quarter on 2020 alongside the previously announced PC version.

Spreahead games, makers of Omensight and Stories: Path of Destinies, is hard at work on this vibrant and reactive world for you to explore and discover. Project Witchstone will be a sandbox RPG where player choice will not only shape the players story but the world around them. Spearhead games is creating a dynamic and interconnected array of systems that will see the player delve deeper into a role playing experience then ever before.

All that is from the press release so we will see what it is like when it releases next year but it does look and sound really exciting at this stage and I am very interested to see how it turns out some time next year. The great news out of this is that more players will now get access to Project Witchstone with it now making its way to consoles the same day as PC, so congratulations Spearhead games and best of luck.

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