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Elo Hell goes free to try

Elo Hell is a genre mashing game that launched last week and mixes graphic novel, strategy game play with a bunch of mini games. Exato games knows their title is fun but also very confusing and weird for those looking at it for the first time so they have come up with a solution for this. Elo Hell is now free to try. This means you can play the very first episode for free and see exactly what the game is all about.

From there, Episode two has also launched today. So if you like the first episode you can grab the season pass, which includes all ten episodes, and continue the story. To help you understand even better what this game is actually like Exato Games has released a trailer showing off the mini games you will find when you go through your adventure towards esports dominance.

You can find the game here over on steam and check out the new trailer below. Can't wait to give the first episode a go and let you all know what it was like.

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