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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep trailers

Gamescom had their live event early this morning Australian time, and there was a lot of new trailers released. Being a Destiny 2 fan, you can bet I was excited to see the latest information Bungie had to show us one month from launch.

First, we have a trailer setting up the moon a bit more as the next location we need to visit. Nightmares from our past are the big take away from the trailer as Bungie wants us to refight major bosses from both Destiny one and two. It will be interesting how Bungie will make this element feel fresh as we go back and fight characters from our past yet again.

Also, in this trailer, we get to see some of the hot new armour sets that we all will be chasing. There are some beautiful armour sets that I am sure will make for some sleepless nights in the first week as Guardians grind away to get the shiny new gear. Check out the first Destiny 2: Shadowkeep trailer below.

Second Destiny 2 Shadowkeep trailer features the content we will see in the first season after launch. The focus is clearly on the vex and what is happening in the Black Garden. We get to see the white Vex milk creating Vex and bringing them to the black garden in what looks like a very formidable force. Check out this trailer below and let me know in the comments below what you think of the season of the undying trailer.

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