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Why getting the little things right matters so much?

Dynamic Accuracy in Zowie Monitors

I was watching a typical sporting movie the other night to distract me from the chaos that is unfolding around the world currently. This was your typical sporting movie, a bunch of kids that don’t win any games but come together as a team under a new coach and defeat the odds to win the championship. These kinds of movies just get me every single time. A key part of this team getting better came down to them doing the little things better than everyone else. If they mastered the little things then it didn’t matter about the flashier teams, they would prove they were better than the rest. This got me thinking about the BenQ Zowie monitor I had been sent on loan to write an article about.

I have worked with Zowie a few times in the past now and Zowie monitors are simply stunning. As I have mentioned before, if you want to be the best you need to use the best equipment, and in gaming, the best equipment includes a Zowie monitor. The model I had been sent was the sleek XL2546, which has all the bells and whistles any gamer could dream of. The important thing about a Zowie monitor, like the rest of Zowie's gaming range is that they listen to the elite gamers out there competing at the highest level, especially in the First Person Shooter scene. Then like any good coach they will make sure that Zowie products do those little things that the elite need, better than anyone else on the market. You will not find the biggest 4K monitor with amazing features that you think you want but never use on a Zowie monitor, what you will find is the best refresh rate, the best use of colours and the least blur on the market. All features that will improve your gameplay.

Let’s focus on that last feature that is a key part of the top of the line Zowie monitors currently on the market. Zowie refers to the ability to lessen the blur for users as Dynamic Accuracy. What I am referring to is a common problem with LCD screens where the light beam that produces the picture doesn’t instantly turn off when it should. There is a slow fade to this pixel rather than an instant change. The result is you see a player and if that player is moving it almost appears as if they have a ghost or blur behind them as they move. When you need to get the little things right and must be pixel perfect with your shots, this is a big issue. Dynamic accuracy simulates our old CRT monitors and turns off the backlight at a fixed point which helps stops this blur giving you a clearer picture and more accurate enemy to aim at. Put simply, Dynamic Accuracy helps you get the little things right by giving you a more accurate number of pixels to aim at for a moving enemy, which is what they are usually doing.

Now, I am talking about good old CRT monitors like I used to rely on them and sporting movies like they are the best thing out, clearly, I am not from the age bracket that has ever produced a professional gamer. With me planning my 40th birthday party this year, those days are clearly behind me. However, I did get something out of Dynamic accuracy even though my reflexes and skill have long but left me behind. With Dynamic accuracy I did feel more confident to take a shot when I needed to in games like Rainbow Six: Siege and call of Duty: Warzone. The biggest problem I always have is not taking the shot and dying. With the XL 2546, I found myself more confidently going for the shot and hitting when I did. Now I am not saying I went from a useless player on a Siege team to the MVP every game, what I am saying is that I had a few more of those moments in a one on one where I shot first and survived the encounter. At my skill level, little things like that mean the world.

This effect could be an influence of several things I know, maybe the amazing refresh rate I was now able to tap into was helping, maybe the Black eQualizer helped me spot enemies quicker too. At the end of the day, there is probably no way for me to find out exactly what little thing it was that was helping me win a few one on one encounters that I normally wouldn’t. Having the confidence to perform at your best is half the battle though. Realistically I might have just thought I had an edge on the opponent or I ran into more average gamers over the last few weeks, either way, being more confident makes for better and more fun gameplay every time. Getting all these little things right didn’t make me the MVP but it really did make me a better player when I needed it most. Like I mentioned before, the elite gamers are already using these monitors to get an edge, next time you are looking for a monitor maybe think about getting one with Dynamic accuracy to help you be more confident in taking that shot.

If you would like to know more about the range od Zowie monitors with Dynamic Accuracy then head over to the website.


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