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Need for Speed Heat has been announced

Need for Speed is back yet again. EA has released the trailer to announce NFS Heat which will release this November 8th. The trailer for NFS Heat, which you can watch below, feels much like the standard trailer we see to promote the once loved series, and it shows a focus back on the modding of your car and police chases. The significant change for the franchise is the shift is by making day and night gameplay being two different styles.

The catch cry for NFS Heat is "Hustle by day. Risk it all at night" which puts the player in a sanctioned competition called Speedhunters Showdown to earn cash. At night the underground scene kicks in for players to earn reputation but need to dodge the eye of the rogue police task ready to take them and their money down. The change has me intrigued, but I've been here multiple time multiple times and then been disappointed just as often.

It is a strange move to release the trailer now and not at E3 but shows a shift in the big publishers choosing to show their titles off outside the biggest show of the year. This move strengthens Gamescom as a worldwide juggernaut of a show. Along with so many other titles at the moment we will see more information during Gamescom. So keep an eye out next week for the gameplay reveal during the show and if you are excited about the upcoming Need for Speed title then head over to the official website.

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