• CalAU

Nanoleaf Canvas: Time to Shine a Light on it.

Cal was lucky enough to get his hands on the latest offering from Nanoleaf; the Canvas. So, did it light up his life?


  • High intensity illumination with vibrant colour output.

  • Flexibility of installation allows for a creative lighting installation.

  • Easy to setup and play with.


  • Mounting hardware provided could be improved.

  • Network resilience needs work.

  • A large array of Canvas panels is needed to truly utilise the screen mirror function, which is a costly outlay.

After installing, my gaming setup is meant to look like this...

Immersion. It’s what gamer’s strive for and what publisher marketing execs have made cliche. Now, with the recent development of cheap, high output colour changing LED’s and wireless automation, we now have lighting that aims to assist you in feeling more involved in your favourite movie or computer game.

This has been widely adopted by the content creation community with what seems every second you-tuber or streamer showing off whatever colour of LED illuminated goodness their heart desires.

Nanoleaf have been catering to this market for sometime with many a famous content creator adorning their walls with their popular light panels - such as Deadmau5’s amazing installation which can be seen on his mixer stream. The multicoloured LED triangle that can be synced to music; allowing the user to not only create some amazing colours, but linked together to create some fantastic dynamic wall art.

Now, Nanoleaf have brought out a new development - the Canvas. I was lucky enough to get a 9 piece smarter kit to put it through its paces.

What’s in the box.

In the smarter kit you get:

  • 9 canvas panels, including a control square