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Ghost Recon Breakpoint PvP trailers and gameplay

We finally got to see the details of what PvP content, which is called Ghost war, will be coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint at launch in a bit over a month. Launching Ghost Recon Wildlands without Ghost War was a misstep from Ubisoft and always felt out of place and time when it finally arrived, so the fact Breakpoint does get it at day one is a huge plus. If the game has any chance to succeed over the period Ubisoft wants it to then Ghost War will be a very vital part of that.

Ghost War will include at launch, two game modes, six custom-built maps and four classes. The concern here for me is only having the two game modes at launch. I fear that only two game modes may not hold the communities interest. However, if Breakpoint doesn't demand a massive audience, this ensures lobbies are kept full enough to find a match. If the modes are well balanced and engaging, then this shouldn't be an issue anyway.

The other big announced from the trailer linked above is dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are exactly what a game wanting balanced and competitive gameplay needs and the fact that this is coming day one gives me hope for Ghost War. The other important part to this which is not confirmed as yet is custom matches. If we get custom matches in Ghost War, I believe the game has a chance to be the long term hit that Ubisoft wants.

If that wasn't enough, we also received a gameplay trailer of Ghost war showing off some of the new gameplay features you will see. The significant new feature was an always contracting outer ring to force encounters towards the end of the match as the playable area shrinks. We have seen these game mechanics used in Battle royale games for the bast few years, but this addition to standard 4v4 matches is a nice twist to stop camping and limit match length.

If you want to check out more of the Ghost War gameplay then have a look at the trailer below. Ghost Recon Breakpoint currently has a release date of October 4th.

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