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Gears of War 5 Limited Edition Gear

Gears of War is less then a month away and we just got our first look at the limited edition offerings you can buy to show of your love for the Gears of War franchise.

The first big surprise is the Xbox One X limited edition console which comes with a 1TB hard drive and looks brilliant with its ice and snow scheme. What makes it surprising is that it is the first Limited edition console since launch of the X series and it shipped with a Project Scorpio edition.

Along side the console you can get yourself a limited edition controller and a separate charging stand. I got the Sea of Thieves versions and they are simply stunning as a combo. There is also a headset, wireless mouse and keyboard and a 2TB external hard drive with the same design as the Xbox One X.

If your interested in one of these Limited edition bits of gear then check your favorite retailer for pre-orders or follow the link to the Microsoft store and lock in your order today.

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