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Experimenting with dough

As the Locked on Lads has been starting to produce more cooking content, I have found myself drifting back to a love I had way back in my teenage years, cooking bread and making the dough. When my parents first got a bread maker, I loved trying out new things in the bread maker, everything from chocolate and but loaves, chicken and cheese loaves and cheese and bacon loaves. The trials didn't end there, though, and the pizza dough was another huge part with all kinds of bases being tried from thick, thin, cheesy stuffed crust and bacon crust. All these came with varying levels of success.

These days the bread maker is not a machine I have in the house anymore, but that has not stopped me from getting right back into it. I tried some loaves recently completely from scratch, which tasted ok, did not form correctly. The same could be said for my first pizza bases I made recently. These pizza bases came out thin as desired, but there was an issue with it getting fluffy at all, which hampered the taste.

Last Friday night, I took all the lessons that I had learnt from these attempts and had another crack at making the pizza base. Instead of making four, I limited it back to three bases to avoid overstretching the dough. I then added some mixed herbs to the dough to give it a slightly different flavour. Other than that, I just tried to avoid rolling the dough too much. All this resulted in some of the best pizza bases I have tasted.

I have just purchased the book "Flour Water Salt Yeast" and received many tips from others out there on how to improve the bases and pizza in general even further, so over the coming weeks. I hope to bring even more yummy stories and pictures about the dough I turn into bread and pizza bases. For now, if you want to try out the pizza dough for yourself, then use this pizza dough recipe. The only change I made was adding a few herbs into the dry mix. If you have your own suggestions for what works best with your homemade pizzas, then leave a comment below or hit us up on our social accounts.

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