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Don't forget Control from Remedy releases 27th of August

We are fast approaching the next new IP from a AAA developer in the way of Control. Remedy, makers of like Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break have a new world for us to explore on the 27th of August. Enter the world of Control where things have gone wrong at the Federal Bureau of Control, and you need to understand and fix what has happened. The universe Remedy has created in Control look dark and mysterious.

Remedy is the master of creating original IP and stunning worlds for people to discover. The one thing you take away from a Remedy experience is the characters and story of the game. The characters, in particular, tend to stand the test of time and loved by fans more than most others.

If you're a fan of Alan Wake and Max Payne, then you are probably counting down the days till the launch of Control. However, in a world where AAA developers seem scared to bring new IP to us, Control needs our support more than most others. So if you like a good mystery and a great story to explore and understand, then Control might be the game to get into before the big releases start rolling in next month.

Check out Control's website for more information about the game, and if you missed the story trailer Remedy released a couple of weeks ago, here it is below.

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