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Destiny 2 Shadow Keep Delayed

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

The news that Bungie had delayed Destiny 2's Shadow keep and New light updates by two weeks from the 17th of September to the 1st of October broke yesterday but I think this is significant and I want to add my thoughts to the mix.

I love the Destiny franchise and respect the work Bungie does as a team, but not long after Destiny 2's release it was clear that Activision was making decisions that were hurting the franchise and i walked away from it after release. That is why i was so interested in what the game would look like after Activision and Bungie split which left Bungie with full ownership of the Destiny brand. What happened from this point onward would be prove if Activision was truly the problem with Destiny.

The news that Shadow keep was delayed by two weeks brought a huge smile to my face as it meant that Bungie was willing to make the big calls to protect the brand of Destiny going forward. The game was not going to be ready and they just needed more time, in the past, the game would still hit the release date and then be fixed with patches for the next month or more. Delaying the game is such a good call and gets me even more excited to play the new update when it drops on October 1.

Other announcements include the worlds first raid attempt will happen just 4 days after Shadow keep's release on October 5, however, this is a weekend raid release so more people can attempt worlds first with out taking time off work. Moments of triumph end date has been extended, now you have till the 17th of September to get them done, which is a welcome announcement along with an extra week of Iron banner dropping that same week.

The biggest feature i am waiting for is cross save support so I can move my PS4 character to the PC and continue to level it up with my PC friends. Cross save will go live later this winter for Australians or summer for everyone in the northern part of the world. More information on the Shadow keep release is due next week.

If you want to read the full blog the link will be below.

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