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Destiny 2 Cross save and PC move information

We just got another dump of information about the new content coming to Destiny 2 in October, just as Bungie promised last week after the delay. In the post from the Developers, This week at Bungie, a few key features have been expanded upon.

The first one is important of PC players who wish to continue playing Destiny 2 in the near future. The newly created web page,, is where you can sign up to be notified as soon as the process of moving your version of Destiny 2 over to Steam becomes available. The process is expected to start on August 20th with the game being playable on Steam on October 1st. So if you are interested in transferring all your Destiny 2 purchases to Steam and playing it on October 1st, then start this process as early as you can to ensure a smooth transition.

The next big announcement came in the way of a date for Cross saves.The new web page, is live with all the information you need to get ready for cross saves and details on what choices you will need to make when it launches. The cross save feature is set to launch on August 21st and you can go sign up now at the page above to be notified as soon as it is available. Once Cross save is live you will need to link all your accounts together and then choose an account to be the active account. These will be the characters you will play with, no matter the platform.

This is meant as a one time use but it can be disabled if necessary. The big snag is no purchase data will transfer, so silver and other items will need to be used on the platform they were first purchased on. Also, don't expect your progress to be merged, so if you beat a raid on one account but make the other account active, it will not register that you have beaten the raid anymore. These limitations are expected and not a huge deal, the fact that we are finally getting this feature is such a huge step and a massive quality of life improvement for those who have friends across multiple platforms and want to play the game truly, anywhere.

The final piece of news was a road map to the launch of Shadowkeep. There is a lot more on the way to help everyone understand what to expect when Shadowkeep drops on the 1st of October. There will be a Director's Cut with Luke Smith followed by a look at the new armor customization and then Gamescom will just have more Shadowkeep details. After the Cross save launch we will get a closer look at how seasons will look after October 1st. Ending out the road map is a look at PvP in Shadowkeep and an invitation to the crucible at PAX.

There will be more between now and launch but these are the key items to watch out for in the next month. All in all Bungie is still saying everything right and if you are a Destiny fan, lapsed or current, you should be pretty excited for what is to come over the coming 7 weeks.

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