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Damsel releases on Nintendo Switch and Xbox one

Brisbane based developers Screwtape Studios has released their pride and joy, Damsel, on Nintendo Switch and Xbox one today. Damsel released on PC last year and is a stunning, fast paced platformer that encourages you to push the limits of speed and accuracy every time you start a level. Every well designed level asks you to attack it in two ways, either as fast as humanly possible, or as precisely as you can to maximize your score.

The platforming in Damsel just fells smooth and rewards you for keeping your momentum going as you kill monsters, brake coffins, hack laptops, free hostages or open safes. The way that Damsel makes you think about movement and accuracy, combined with the expertly designed levels, makes it perfectly suited for the speed running community. Leader boards at the end of every successful run help push you in this aspect and keep you coming back for more even after you have cleared all 75 stages.

The art work in Damsel's universe draws you in even further as you jump through each level. The comic book story telling is a masterful way to tell the story and drag you right into the world. The sound design gets you moving and compliments the game play getting helping you get in the mood every time you start a new run of a level. You will fail, through death, kill the poor hostage, or failing to disarm a bomb and the game gets you back to the start in no time to keep the game flowing. Everything about Damsel is created to keep you playing as much as possible with a smile on your face.

If Damsel gets a bit hard for you on a level, Screwtape Studios lets you run the mission on Chill out mode so you can still experience the story or just learn the level for a better run next time. If you really want to challenge yourself there is a mode that forces you to keep getting multipliers as you run around the level or you fail. Damsel is really built for the novice right up to the speed running expert.

Finally, lets focus a bit on what makes today such a huge milestone for Damsel. Previously being on PC was great, the game ran beautifully and was a joy to play. However, I always wanted Damsel on the run with me so I could jump in and practice a level whenever i had a spare moment. The game was born to be on the Nintendo Switch with its pick up and play nature, it almost feels like a homecoming to finally be released on Switch.

If your after a little Australian owned Indie gem from two of the nicest people you will ever meet then pop over to the Xbox or Nintendo store and pick up this game and start killing monsters. Every time you take another run at this game you will fall a little bit more in love with it and find a new, deeper layer to it's complexity. If you still need convincing then check out the launch trailer below for Nintendo Switch and Xbox one.

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