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Cleaning up and getting started again.

This has been on my mind for a long time but I am finally making myself do it. I will be revamping the website to be more focused on blog posts and our content. I miss writing and creating and with my involvement in work slowing down from completely hectic I can afford just a little bit more time to focus on the Locked on Lads content.

Recently we have shifted away from Tom Clancy games for the foreseeable future and my own personal focus has shifted to the racing simulator, iRacing. While we are also still very invested in the space exploration style games and our current addiction to Valheim, other non-gaming interests are starting to take a bigger presence.

Cooking, in particular meat, is starting to take a larger spot in the community and we are reflecting that in our blog posts, discord, and podcasts going forward. Our newly revamped podcast, Locked on Lads: The Man Cave has a dedicated cooking segment, and the discussion in the discord channel "Show us your meat" is always active.

So with all these changes, I am focusing on making things look better. With that, I am updating the YouTube channel with new thumbnails, better editing live videos, better layout, and overall better production quality to all the content.

I hope you all appreciate and enjoy the changes. As always we want and value your feedback on everything we do here. Email us at or comment on our Youtube videos if you have any feedback on the content or channel. Thank you all for hanging around and spending your time with us and we can't wait to show you even more content in the future.


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