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Ark: Survival Evolved gets the Genesis update announcement

Late last week Ark: Survival Evolved showed off the road ahead for Ark players in the form of a new season pass, titled Genesis, which includes the first AI companion for the game that can be used right now and two new expansions coming to the game in the future. Through a live Twitch stream the team discussed how they wanted to end the content after the last expansion and move on to a squeal or a new project. However, the feedback they received from the community about the extinction expansion made it clear they couldn't move on from a game that seemed to be growing in user base every day.

Studio Wildcard unveiled four exciting new aspects of the season pass on the stream, the first being the AI companion, the second was the new map which has a very snowy climate and a cute new animal which could turn into the most deadly creature in the game. The new map will be dropping as part one of the Genesis season pass in December. The third part is the new volcano filled map with a lava lizard the size of a T-Rex roaming the map that is built to Siege areas. The second new map will launch early in the new year as part 2 of the Genesis season pass.

Finally Ark players will be able to build a house on the back of a giant sea turtle making for a truly mobile base. This home will be fully submersible with the vegetation releasing oxygen that causes an air bubble on the back protecting the players and the home. As well as making a home on the back of a giant turtle Ark players will be able to cultivated resources that will grow on the back of the turtle.

You can grab the season pass right now and start playing with the new AI companion. check out more in the trailer below or over on the website.

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