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A New Podcast is born

I promised myself from the start of playing iRacing that I wouldn't start a podcast about it no matter how hard I fell for the game until I was ready to. I figured three things would have to come into line for me to start an iRacing podcast; the first being my skill level got to a place where I knew what I was talking about; secondly, I found the right co-host that also knew what they were talking about and had the skill to match; finally, access to excellent guests to give the podcast solid backing. Today, after 18 months of dedicating myself to iRacing and finding all the other pieces to my puzzle, we have launched the podcast "Locked on iRacing".

Brayden Martin, team member of Doctor's orders, the team that just went back to back in the Ozicar Formula Skip Barber series and fellow Locked On Racing team member in the endurance league will be joining me each episode to discuss the ins and outs of the racing simulator world. The two of us will discuss league results, the latest news, upcoming events and our own personal stories from our races between episodes. We aim to have broadcasters, commentators, league managers and drivers on as many episodes as we can to give you a great insight into what it takes to bring iRacing to the public in such a professional way.

Today we uploaded the preview episode for the podcast so people can get a feel for what the podcast is going to be like, and people can bookmark the feeds, so they are ready for the full launch in the next week or two. Currently, you can grab episode 0 on our podcast host, Anchor, the RSS feed, on Spotify and YouTube. Please go and check out the episode and let us know what you think of it and then share it with as many people as possible. If you can leave a review or rate the podcast on your app of choice, that would be great too.

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