Frequently asked questions

Call date

Live call at 4PM IST/ 6.30 AM EST on July 25, 2021

How do I go about this workshop?

• Simply click here to sign up. • You’ll receive a confirmation with call link • If you have any other questions, you can WhatsApp us here ( click here)

Are there any prerequisites to join this program?

None at all! Only that you are committed to your learning and growth

Can I share this with my friends, family and colleagues?

Why not! Let’s spread the power of Abhay’s knowledge, techniques and tools together, simply share this page with those you think will benefit and enjoy this, too!

I’d like to know more about Abhay’s future programs. How can I sign up?

You can click here and sign up to receive updates about him and other experts’ upcoming events.

If I need help, how do I get in touch?

You can email us on help@themysticlotus.com or call us on +91-9820342288 or send us a WhatsApp message (click here to message)

Are there any situations when a person should not practise self-hypnosis?

The following people should not practise self-hypnosis:
- Those on psychiatric medications
- History of clinical depression
- Excessive negative thinking

We don't really get any questions but if you want to hit us up email us at contactus@lockedonlads.com or find us on our socials or discord and ask us there.

The big thing we are know for is our podcasts, so if you have a question about how to podcast better send them through to our email too and we will be happy to help.