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Locked On Racing

Locked On Racing was born out of the Ozicar Formula Skip Barber series when Wilko decided to enter a league racing series for the first time and needed a team name. Then, the team grew to a two-person outfit with Matthew Joy popping in to drive the second car for a few seasons. The team has competed in the Ozicar Formula Skip Barber series every season so far, with Wilko gaining one podium in that time but become a consistent top 10 finisher in most races.


Since then, the team has expanded to start racing the Ferrari 488 GT3 in the endurance races on iRacing with a team of skip drivers from the Ozicar Formula Skip Barber series. The team has raised thousands of dollars for charity through endurance races along with claiming multiple driver and team championships through out 2022.  

The team has its eyes set on more endurance races through 2023 along with other GT3 series. The team will be found in some Gents racing series as well as V8 vets from time to time. If you are interested in joining the team please hit us up on email, facebook or Discord on the links below.

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